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Fund a Business

Contract Drafting & Reviewing

Doyenne provides as much or as little as you require in connection with a potential financing by friends and family, angel investors, or a venture capital fund. For example,

  • Doyenne can review agreements provided to a client by potential lenders and investors and provide an assessment of a client’s obligations under such agreements and potential risks with the agreements as drafted; or 

  • Doyenne can draft and negotiate agreements for investments from friends and family, angel investors and venture capitalists.

Corporate Clean-Up

Doyenne offers a “Corporate Cleanup” package that helps ensure a business is ready for review by a potential investor. The “Corporate Cleanup” package includes a review of governance documents to identify any potential red flags, a discussion of options for addressing any red flags and, once agreed upon, implementation of any required clean-up.

As Much or as Little Legal Services as You Need to Obtain Financing for Your Business

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