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Employees & Independent Contractors

•    Doyenne offers an “Onboarding Package” that includes a form employee offer letter, a form independent contractor agreement, form confidentiality and intellectual property assignment agreement, a form employee policy handbook, and unlimited 30-minute consultations about the Onboarding Package for a one-month period after delivery.

•    Doyenne can also draft and negotiate customized employee and independent contractor agreements.

Customers, Suppliers & Vendors

•    Doyenne reviews agreements drafted by customers, suppliers or vendors and provides our clients with an assessment of a client’s obligations under such agreements and the potential risks of the agreements as drafted. Doyenne GC includes the review of up to two agreements (up to 15 pages each) per month at no additional cost.

•    Doyenne also assists with the negotiation of agreements drafted by a third party, as well as drafts and negotiates agreements with our clients’ customers, suppliers and vendors.


•    Offered as part of Doyenne GC, Doyenne helps our clients stay on track with governance requirements by collaborating with them to make required corporate filings, drafting board, shareholder and/or member minutes and consents, and training board members regarding their effectiveness and fiduciary duties. 

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One-Stop Shop for Basic Corporate Legal Needs at a Fixed or Subscription-Based Pricing

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