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Sell a Business

Ready Your Business to Get the Most Value from a Sale & Get What You Want from the Sale

Prepare the Company for a Sale

Doyenne can, at a fixed rate, review your business to identify any potential red flags and propose to you options for addressing those red flags. This helps reassure a potential buyer that the risk of unknown liabilities in your business is low.

The Diligence Process

Doyenne can, at a fixed rate, spearhead the diligence process during a sale, freeing up the business owner and management team to focus on negotiating the business issues. Doyenne works directly with employees to gather the information being requested by a buyer, acts as the liaison with buyer’s counsel regarding diligence items to resolve any production issues, and prepares the disclosure schedule.

The Sale

Not only can Doyenne, at a fixed rate, help identify the best structure for a sale transaction, draft and review the sale documents, and identify the ancillary issues to be addressed, but Doyenne can also bring a consultative, project management approach to the sale, ensuring that stakeholders know what's going on and that their goals are being taken into consideration.

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